Replacing the oil, oil filters, chainging wiper blades and air filters, and scheduled maintenance tops our list of 10 most common vehicle repairs of 2018.

Based on research performed by the IMR Inc., the country’s industry leader in automotive research, the top 10 most common vehicle repairs performed by vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops are the following:

Scheduled maintenance
New tires
Battery replacement
Oil/oil filter changed
Wiper blades replacement
Replace air filter
Brake work
Antifreeze added
Engine tune-up
Wheels aligned/balanced

“We would like to thank IMR Inc. for sharing this informative data with Automotive Experts,”. “With scheduled maintenance toward the top of the list, these findings is a great sign that more and more motorists understands the importance of routine vehicle maintenance and are they are taking steps to ensure the safety and dependability of their vehicles.”